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Small Works and Wonderings, 2020-2021

Statement for Between what I know and don’t:

     Memory is a powerful, yet paradoxical, thing. Fragmented and mutable, its pliability causes us to question the truthfulness of personal narratives and family mythologies. My sculptures are meditations on the nature of memory and how we construct stories about our lived experiences. With these portraits, I contemplate what little I actually know about my great-grandparents, the expanse of what I don’t know about them, and the space in between these things. Starting with old family photographs, I sculpted only what I truly know, which are the pixels of that image. From the other perspectives, the viewer encounters the spaces where information was unavailable based on the photo.

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Statement for small works:

     Some memories are like floodlights, illuminating the entirety of a room in our past. Other memories are like slivers of light through the crack of a door; only specific details are visible. These hand-size compositions draw the viewer in for an intimate inspection.

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