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Memory Series II, 2018-2019


   My mixed media sculptures incarnate questions, a site for wondering.  They examine the psychology of memory, perception, and the passage of time through the lens of my familial relationships. The information, figures, and objects are all presented with differing levels of clarity. Ceramic forms and found objects refer to the past while being rooted in our present space. The undeniable physical forms echo the firm conviction we confer on our memories.  However, those memories are mutable, and I wonder about the implications of that fact. Materials with different levels of translucency, such as wax and glass, are layered to obscure, preserve, or change information. Much like in our memories, specific details in the sculptures emerge with clarity, while others fade into the haze of forgotten synapses. Through the composition of these elements, I contemplate our constructions of the past and present: family mythologies, autobiographical narratives, and my impressions of current relationships.

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